Analysis on the future development prospect of ammonia refrigeration equipment


Refrigeration Express News: Ammonia refrigeration equipment is a refrigeration system with ammonia as the working medium. Ammonia refrigeration equipment is mainly used in large industrial refrigeration and commercial refrigeration and refrigeration. For many years, ammonia has been the mainstream refrigerant in the field of industrial refrigeration. The new application range and increasingly demanding specifications continue to promote the development of ammonia refrigeration technology, and the demand for ammonia refrigeration equipment is increasing.

Due to the toxicity of ammonia, there are many strict restrictions in the design of ammonia systems. Compared with developed countries, China's ammonia refrigeration equipment enterprises have lower investment in scientific research and relatively backward detection methods, which has affected the improvement of refrigeration technology. China's ammonia refrigeration equipment should create a good refrigeration equipment market, in order to break through the bottleneck of industry development.

In recent years, China's refrigeration equipment industry has experienced a period of rapid growth. Domestic refrigeration products have many advantages in terms of manufacturing technology, cost control, and market share. Ammonia refrigeration units are a must for large and medium-sized cold storage, but the danger of ammonia refrigeration has limited its technology to a few manufacturers. Compared with foreign countries, China has always lacked the corresponding standards. China should formulate industry standards based on the current economic development status and the development status of refrigeration equipment technology. In addition, with increasing attention to energy consumption, operating costs have also become an important factor affecting the transformation of refrigeration systems.

From the perspective of long-term development, the formation of core technology and core competitiveness with independent intellectual property rights, China can truly achieve the development of the manufacturing industry from the refrigeration industry to the manufacturing power. For today's requirements of safety and environmental protection, ammonia refrigeration equipment enterprises should actively develop energy-saving and environmental protection equipment research and development to cope with climate change, develop green economy and circular economy, increase investment in science and technology, learn to master key technologies abroad and continuously improve their ability to reform and reform. To identify and solve the problems of current industry development and to seize the strategic choice of the future commanding heights.

With the rapid development of various industries, the requirements for refrigeration equipment are getting higher and higher, and with the new demands of traditional large-scale commercial systems for environmental protection, more and more commercial systems use ammonia as a refrigerant. China's refrigeration equipment industry should respond to the current situation of refrigeration equipment development at home and abroad, grasp the development direction of refrigeration equipment technology, and seek new development.