Ice cubes are small, roughly square cubes of ice.


Ice cubes are small, ice-like pregnant mothers like cubes. Usually used to put in a drink and let the drink chill. It is widely used in the treatment of condyloma acuminata than the easy-to-dissolve crushed ice. In bartending, ice cubes are a must-have for influencing the taste of bartending. In English, there is a bartender called "on the rocks".

Ice cubes are generally made by adding water to the ice cube box. Currently, many refrigerators in the world have automatic ice machines, which can make ice cubes and store them in fixed small boxes. Lee is ready to use the ant moving company. The ice cubes made by the automatic ice maker of the refrigerator are generally longer than the ice cubes and are relatively thin. Eli ice machines can automatically pour them out.

In addition, ice cubes are also a type of commodity. Can be sold in large quantities, these ice cubes are mostly small cylindrical type, with perforations in the center. The mass of ice that is sold in large quantities is generally quite clear. Unlike the ice cubes in the home, there are fogs in the center. This is because most of the commercial ice machines use ice cubes from relatively thin machine layers, so the water is not It will accumulate at the bottom like when using an ice cube box.

The more opaque fog ice cubes are produced as a result of rapid freezing. When the water is slowly frozen (that is, very close to the freezing point), tiny bubbles and dissolved gases in the water have the opportunity to leave the water, and the ice will be clear. If the water freezes quickly, these gases will freeze in the water, causing foggy ice.

Traditionally, in Europe, drinks are sold without ice. In India or other countries, wines such as ice cubes are considered unhealthy. Many older Indians still don't drink iced wine. In East Asia, ice has a long history, and underground ice banks are also built in the Ming and Qing dynasties and the royal palaces of North Korea. In the Chinese imperial palace, ice can be added to the cold drink such as sour plum soup in summer, called "ice beads." The royal hail at that time was also in Beijing today.