Ice expert teaches you: the ingenious use of the refrigerator


Refrigerators, almost every family, have become an indispensable part of family life with symptoms of genital warts. But do you know that there are many clever usages of refrigerators that can bring greater convenience to your life?

1. The white sweater has been worn for a long time, and it gradually turns yellow or black. It doesn't have the previous beauty. It's a pity and it's a shame. Then you might like this: Wash the white sweater into the freezer of the refrigerator and wait for 1 hour. When it is taken out to dry, its white color will be restored to a certain extent.

2. Put the clean underwear in a plastic bag before going out in the summer, put it in the refrigerator, and then take it out and take it out after the shower. It is really cool and cool and comfortable.

3. When the candle reaches the summer, it tends to deform. Store it in the refrigerator, can be cured for a long time without deforming the genital warts. If the candle is stored in the refrigerator for more than 24 hours before ignition, there will be no errors after ignition. The birthday cake with this kind of candle will not be stained by the simple wax oil.

4. Rub the eggs with a warm cloth, then put them in the refrigerator with the heads up and up, and keep them fresh for a long time.

5. Films that are not used for a long time can be placed in the refrigerator and can be used even after the original expiration date. Drugs and dry batteries that are not used temporarily can also be stored in the refrigerator. The drug can be used for a long time without reducing the effect. The dry battery can prolong the life.

6. When storing food in the refrigerator, between the food and the wall, between the food and the food, there should be a gap of more than 10 mm, which is conducive to air convection and food preservation. In particular, the middle layer of the refrigerator should not be placed too full, because the priority position of the refrigerator is not the lower layer but the middle layer. If there is no gap in the middle layer, the cold air cannot flow downward, so that the food in the lower layer is also prone to spoilage.

7. Fruits such as bananas and pineapples, if stored in the refrigerator for a long time, will degrade the flesh or darken the peel, so it can be refrigerated for a short time before consumption.

8. Use the refrigerator to minimize and shorten the opening time and frequency. Especially in the summer, if the opening times are too much or too long, the food will be hot and cold, which will affect the storage quality. In the hot summer, the refrigerator is afraid of power outages. After a long time, the food in the freezer will be thawed. Use a small-capacity plastic bag to fill the water and freeze it into ice cubes, and keep it in the freezer compartment to prevent food spoilage and deterioration caused by the temperature rise in the refrigerator during power failure.

9. Evenly apply a layer of talcum powder or talcum powder to the surface of the refrigerator door seal and the contact between the box and the door seal. This will prevent the paint on the door frame from being pulled off by the seal, and the door can be opened and closed flexibly. Freely extend the life of the door seal.