CELLINK helps Beijing Bio-Industrial Exhibition successfully held


The 2017 Biofabrication conference was held at the Beijing International Hotel on October 16th. As one of the sponsors of the conference, Sweden's CELLINK company also took part in the conference with the high-cost 3D bio-printer INKREDIBLE+, which is currently popular abroad, and the leading BIOX. Received the praise of the visitors

As a leading star product of CELLINK. The emergence of BIOX is amazing! It completely overturns what people think of 3D bio-printers. There is no huge gantry body and no complicated structure. It is like a simple desktop operation platform. Doubt: Is it really powerful in propaganda?

Of course! The BIOX structure looks simple because CELLINK manufacturers adhere to the principle of “good customer experience” and incorporate Nordic minimalist design elements. However, BIOX is “simple but not simple”. It has the same powerful functions needed to complete 3D bio-printing. It integrates air pump and compressor, and the pressure can still reach 700 kPa and the temperature is 4~250°. The 7-inch touch screen can directly set various printing parameters and conditions, and the operation is simple and easy to use.

It is also equipped with a UV ultraviolet germicidal lamp and a filter device with its own patented technology and H14 grade to provide a sterile printing environment. It can be said that BIOX itself is a biological safety cabinet! In addition, there are five kinds of intelligent print heads and high-definition camera functions. UV curing head, magnetic design buckles, etc. . . Too many advantages are really difficult to finish in one breath, if you are interested, please contact us directly to Leipin China for more detailed information!