Carrying achievements, looking forward to a brilliant future


Founded in 2006, LABSUN is headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, a well-known research destination in Europe. It has a branch office in New York, USA. Its business development in the Chinese market is handled by LABSUN CHINA. Over the years, LABSUN has been relying on the “trustworthy European and American instrument supplier” as its own responsibility. Based on the unique background advantages of the German headquarters and the US branch, it provides high quality and excellent products for Chinese users.

On March 12, 2015, during the Guangzhou International Analytical Testing and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition and Technical Seminar (CHINA LAB 2015), Mr. Zeng Zhilong, Manager of Guangzhou Branch, accepted an exclusive interview with China Chemical Instrument Network at the exhibition.

At the exhibition, LABSUN CHINA displayed some of its advantages, including Germany Gonotec osmometer, Germany DUEPERTHAL safety cabinet, Germany Lovibond water quality product, Germany ZIEGRA ice machine, Germany WELL diamond wire cutter, Germany SLEE pathology equipment, etc. It has attracted many customers from scientific research, universities, medical care, enterprises and so on to visit and personally operate.

When talking about the development and planning of LABSUN for the Chinese market, Mr. Zeng Zhilong said: "The Chinese market has been the demand for instrument procurement and the growth rate of scale in the past 10 years. In the instrument market, China has a large proportion. The domestic instrument industry has gradually increased. In this industry, the German headquarters also wants to embark on this fast-running train to open up a bigger market. LABSUN CHINA is the focus of the German headquarters. Unique to LABSUN The products, professional technical background, and humanized business model are based on Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, which are three fast-developing and resource-rich administrative cities. They will lay a market and will certainly occupy a place in the Chinese instrument market." In the past ten years, LABSUN has rapidly developed into a leading agent for European and American instruments with high quality products and professional services.

Late dynamic programming

LABSUN has achieved extraordinary results in the establishment of China's large sales team and the construction of the channel system market. The success and growth in China is due to the expansion of LABSUN's global product strategy and further increase in the market share of existing product lines.

Manager Zeng leaked to reporters after the end of CHINA LAB 2015. Later, LABSUN CHINA participated in some other well-known exhibitions, such as Shanghai Medical Expo, 2015 Environmental Expo, International Analytical Technology Exhibition, etc., and will also participate in a series of academic conferences. Improve the visibility and influence of LABSUN in the Chinese market.

Perfect customer service

Good products drive sales, and good services can build brand satisfaction. While user satisfaction seems to be less intuitive than sales, it can determine user retention and brand loyalty. It is with such a far-sighted vision that LABSUN has been carefully deploying user service resources.

LABSUN CHINA places great emphasis on interaction with customers and distributors. Mr. Zeng Zhilong said that “the company will hold some local exhibitions of agency brands in the later stage. The established WeChat platform will send the information of the frontier of LABSUN to customers.

Conclusion: In recent years, LABSUN CHINA has focused on adjusting its product layout and launched a number of new products, all of which are focused on the medium and high-end instruments. The brand image and influence of the company in the domestic market are also constantly improving. LABSUN adheres to the consistent corporate philosophy and continues to expand and expand in the achievements of the Chinese market. Please wait and see.