How to move large ice blocks upstairs


Ice, even on a hot summer day, is very cool and slippery. If you don't wear gloves when carrying ice, it will be very painful, especially the larger Hefei industrial ice.

The following small series tells you the tools and techniques for the smooth handling of large ice cubes! The ice makers use the special tool ice hooks when translating and transporting. If the ice cubes are transported upstairs, it is even more difficult to carry them. In the summer, the hour of working ice in the factory is fast enough for the staff to cool down. As the dosage increases, the number of people who need to carry the skills increases. When carrying large ice cubes upstairs, direct handling by hand will definitely be eaten by the ice, and the small size of the industrial big ice is more than 50 kilograms, and the weight is hundreds of kilograms, even if the hand can eat it. Ice cubes are frozen, and may not be able to catch ice. With years of experience in the process of distributing ice cubes with ice customers, Xiaobian recommends a better way to transport ice cubes upstairs, that is, to put ice cubes on. In an ice bucket with a carrying handle, it will be much easier and easier to move, not only will the ice block freeze, but it will be much easier to grab the ice bucket handle directly.